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With Minis in Holidays – Les Minis en vacances

was created back in 2001 by three French and one Swiss Mini Owner Club. As same as everywhere else Mini Meetings normaly find place on weekends. The wish came trough to have more time and even to learn more about the region and culture of each other, so "Les Minis en vacances" idea was born. The founder clubs even created a "carta", rules to fullfill by the organizing club: Family friendly, on a cheap base, social spirit, group journeys, typical regional tastings. After taking place twice on those events, in 2010 we got the opportunity from the founders to organize the event for 2012, first time ever in Germany.

As start point and headquarter for this interesting week from 3rd to 12th August 2012 we choose a campsite near Montabaur. On a large, hidden ground there will be enough space for your tents, in and around a wodden blockhouse there will be enough space for BBQ and chilling.
The region Westerwald offers a couple of interesting sightseeings and attractions of which we will bring some to you.

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