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With Minis in Holidays – Our Promotion Minis

Promotion Minis To promote our event, we decided to design two of our Minis with our special event logo, to promote this on several classic car and Mini events we will visit during the year, regional as well as across Europe.
On the sides we have left space for promotion from our partners and sponsors, so it's yours to contact to become a partner, too.
You will find pictures of the visited events on our Facebook site.

Rally de Printemps 2012 The first events of this year have passed by. Taking part on the 'Ralley de Printemps', the spring rally organised by Mini Club Colmar from Alsace/France we reached a respectable 3rd place. Near 25 teams start in the early mornig down in the Rhine valley by chaninging weather to climb up to the snow caped Vogese mountains, following the given route with several questions to solve. After a common dinner of all parcitipans the day was finished with the price giving.

Klassik Welt Bodensee 2012 First time we visit the classic exhibition fair 'Klassik Welt Bodensee' at Friedrichshafen and was fully satisfied. Not only classic cars and bikes are to be seen there, also fans of historical planes and boats will find here their goal. A fair with fantastic program for the hole family, plane flight shows, and historical races of cars as well as bikes and not at least a 2 hour parade of classic cars and bikes from last century on saturday evening rounding up the program. For ourselves a fixed date for next year shedule.

IMM 2012 Hungary Straight on from the exhibition at Friedrichshafen we drive to Hungary to visit the International Mini Meeting 2012 on the Balaton Lake. Around 1200 Minis from whole Europe followed the invitation of the organizing Mini Club Hungary to Balatonfüred and stayed there the Wednessweekend with fine weather and top organized program. One of the highlights, a real wedding with a parade of 200 Minis around the town. After a two day stop in Vienna on the way home we're now, - 2850 km later, back at home well and witout any breakdowns, we'll be ready for the next coming events.

We would enjoy to see your company as supporter on our Minis for the coming events soon.
Promotion Minis

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